Let’s Tackle Storm Damage Together

Whether you know you have storm damage or you’re not sure, count on Spring Valley Roofing for the best guidance. We can be reached at (610) 948-5207 or via online contact form for a free inspection and estimate on your roof replacement or repair.

Repair Storm Damage With Help from Spring Valley Roofing

Storm Damage Roof Repair We hear this one a lot: “I think fixing storm damage to my roof may be covered by my homeowner’s insurance, but I am dreading the hassle of filing a claim.” We get it too – the drama of repairing or replacing a damaged roof in a timely, efficient manner is often more stressful than the storm itself! You don’t have to navigate the system every day (and no doubt don’t want to). Fortunately, the Spring Valley Roofing team does have deep experience working with insurance companies. Let us help you!

When you experience storm damage to your property, our team will help you navigate through the process of determining whether there is enough damage to warrant a claim, what’s covered by insurance and the process of filing your claim. It’s our goal that every customer have their peace of mind restored with a new (or repaired) roof, and experience great customer care throughout the process to offset the stress.

Is Hail or Wind to Blame?

Aging roofs will experience wear and tear over the years, and you may begin to notice balding shingles over time. But it’s common to have a nasty storm push your aging roof into “seriously damaged” territory, a more pressing concern for your home.

Shingles can be cracked and bruised by hail and wind can rip holes in your roof. Even a bad rainstorm, hail-free but with heavy wind, can tear shingles clear off your roof and expose your attic to the elements. You don’t want to be surprised by hidden leaks – they can lead to excessive moisture inside your home and even more serious problems stemming from the moisture, like rot, mildew and mold. That’s why it’s important to get an inspection from Spring Valley Roofing after a major storm event.