What Are the Benefits of a Blue Roof?

Rainwater runoff is usually managed through ground sources such as ponds and drainage systems. However, during heavy rains, they can become overloaded. Blue roofs aim to help with managing runoff by storing excess water that falls on the roof.

Learn what blue roofs are and their benefits from Spring Valley Roofing, a trusted roof repair expert. 

What Are Blue Roofs?

Blue roofs aren’t technically blue. This roof type got its name from the idea that it assists with water processing. Since it’s a new technology, builders are still working and innovating blue roof designs.

Usually, a blue roof is flat with control devices that regulate drainage outlets, retaining or draining water. Your roofing contractor can construct it as open water surfaces, storage within a porous surface, or below a raised covering. 

As this technology is still being developed, you may have to wait for a while if you’re interested. Its installation isn’t permitted in any areas except where it’s being tested. 

Benefits of Blue Roofs

Integrating innovative roofing technologies with blue roofs can make them more environmentally-friendly. For example, installing blue roofs with light-colored materials can reduce heat gain in interior spaces. One can also combine them with green roofs for savings on energy costs and improvement of indoor air quality. 

Blue roofs can help in reducing urban flooding caused by rainwater runoff. In urban areas, the space it creates can prevent the need to manage rainwater at ground level. They are beneficial for rainwater harvesting. Aside from those, they are also great for recreational uses like rooftop water features. 

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