Planning Tips for Your Siding Replacement Project

A successful siding replacement project needs a detailed and well thought out plan. Whatever option you choose will, after all, stay on your home for decades. In this blog, gutter and roofing company Spring Valley Roofing shares tips on planning your siding replacement project.

Find Inspiration

A siding replacement project is an opportunity to transform your home’s exterior and boost its curb appeal. Therefore, you should look beyond a like-for-like replacement. Explore designs and various siding options through websites, magazines, blogs, or even other houses down the block. Thanks to the wide variety of materials, colors and textures, you can take an inspired siding design and apply it to your own home.

Research the Ballpark Price

There is no flat rate for siding and roof replacement costs. Factors such as the total wall area, the type of siding and installation costs are factored into the final price. Structural issues such as damaged insulation and moisture damage will also need to be repaired—which means it will incur repair costs—before new siding can be installed. This is the reason why siding and roofing contractors can’t give you an estimate until after your exterior wall is inspected and options considered.

You can, however, ask around for a ballpark price, which should give you an idea of how much the siding replacement project will cost. Ask your friends, family, or colleagues who have had their siding replaced in the last six months. You can then decide how you will finance your siding replacement project.

Choose Your Contractor

Once you have a clearer picture of what it will take to complete your siding project, you need to set aside time to pick a siding contractor, which can be tedious at first. Vetting your contractor can fill a blog article by itself, but in a nutshell, you need a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor. If you have a specific siding product in mind, check out contractors with manufacturer certification. Hiring a local contractor is ideal, as it won’t be as difficult for future repairs or warranty claims. Contacting local references is also much easier. Lastly, online resources such as the Better Business Bureau are great for checking out a contractor’s customer feedback.

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