Hiring a Gutter Installer: 4 Questions to Ask

The best gutter systems won’t perform as expected if you hire the wrong gutter installer. This is why vetting a gutter contractor should never be rushed. Gutter and roofing contractor Spring Valley Roofing shares a list of questions you should ask gutter contractors before you settle on one.

  1. Can You Provide a Copy of Your License and Insurance Information? — Hiring an unlicensed, uninsured contractor is just asking for trouble. So you should ask the prospective contractor if they can provide their license information and a copy of their insurance certificate. Both should be up to date and verifiable. The insurance certificate should clearly indicate coverage for accidental property damage (general liability coverage) and worksite injuries (workers’ compensation).
  2. Do You Offer Seamless Gutters? — Seamless gutters are gutter systems that feature a single length of gutter trough spanning the roof’s edge. Whereas traditional gutters are built using 10-foot lengths of gutter fastened at the seams, seamless gutters are shaped on-site. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, seamless gutters require less maintenance. They are less prone to the problems associated with gutter seams and joints, such as corrosion, leaks and sections falling off due to storm damage.
  3. Do You Offer Gutter Protection Systems? — While gutter protection systems are optional components, they offer several benefits that can help you save time and money on cleaning and maintenance costs. Popular gutter protection systems include grilles that are simply placed on top of the gutter troughs, which filters leaves and debris. Others feature a shaped profile that sheds solids to the ground as rainwater falls straight into the gutters. If the contractor doesn’t offer one, this is not a problem: most gutter protection systems can be installed over existing gutters.
  4. What Gutter Styles Do You Offer? — Gutters come in two standard profiles: half-rounds for traditional designs and K-style gutters for contemporary applications. A good contractor should offer both, in different sizes that will match the existing roof’s gutter requirements.

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