Window Installation: A Timeline

Not all remodeling projects are equal and few, if any, share the same process. This is why knowing what the procedure entails can help you prepare for it. Today, Spring Valley Roofing, your local window replacement and roofing company, shares a simple timeline of a typical window replacement process.

Window Installation A Timeline

Before Installation

Some window replacement contractors may help move furniture and fragile valuables from the work area. Note that not all contractors do this for free, so check with them beforehand. The installers may place drop cloths and temporary paths around the window areas to minimize the chance of damage to your walls and flooring. Whatever the case, the homeowner may move these items themselves before the installation date to save time.

During Installation

Unlike roofers that remove the roof entirely when they replace it, window contractors instead remove the units one at a time. This method has several advantages. For one, it requires fewer workmen and allows homeowners to inspect the work as it’s being done. In addition, it also allows the installers to focus on one unit for a better fit, minimizing air leaks and reducing the likelihood of cutting corners.

Typically, window installers use two methods to replace a window: insert and full-frame. If the frame is in good condition, they’ll just insert new sashes and trim, hence the name. Otherwise, a damaged frame requires a full replacement. In such a method, installers may also repair the window to improve its structural integrity before the actual installation.

After Installation

Window replacement usually takes about an entire working day. This may increase due to necessary structural repairs, unconventional window designs, or numerous windows.

After the installation, most installers clean up after themselves. Clarify, however, if their clean-up includes disposal of the old units or if you have to arrange for it yourself.

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